UV Counterfeit Watermark Machine DC-2028

Item No.: DC-2028
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Ultraviolet lamp
Verifies the UV features in banknotes
Verifies credit cards, passports and other IDs Large white light area
Magnetic detection

Ambient temperature: 0~40ºC
Ambient Humidity: 85%
Sunlight strength: 200~800LX
Power supply: 110V or 210, 220, 230V (switchable)
Power consumption: UV lamp:16W  LED white:16W
Net weight: 0.75kg
Packing quantity:20pcs/carton
Carton dimensions:750x320x600mm
Gross weight of Carton:16kg
Features Ultraviolet light for UV features detection
Verifies all kinds of banknotes(bills),credit cards,traveller's cheques,passports,IDs,and other legal documents.
Specifications Ambient Temperature(ºC )  0~40ºC
Ambient Humidity(%)  85%
Sunlight Strength(LX) 200~800LX
Power Supply(V) 110V or 210, 220, 230V
Power Consumption(W) UV lamp 2×6W
Dimensions(mm) 270×120×100
Net Weight (kg) 0.6
Carton Packing Details Dimensions (mm) 570×300×520
Volume (m³) 0.09
Gross Weight (kg) 13
Net Weight (kg) 12
Quantity(pcs ) 20