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Process of the banknotes

• Basic functions : With three output pockets, banknotes are sorted automatically through a 3-way sort at a single pass, i.e. it values, verifies and classifies the banknotes simultaneously .

• Advanced functions : F I T N E S S  quality sorting(FIT/UNFIT)through a  very stable  analysis of the banknote satate using different sensors and CIS(Contact Image Sensor )of 200  dpi, powerful UV, full width mechanical thickness checking. Benefits of advanced technology

• Optical/Visible Array : Analysis by reflection on both side of the banknote and by transmission (resolution of 200 dpi) made in visible and IR that allows a total stability in the fitness sorting of the banknotes .

• IR sensor: Analysis of the IR pattern through a high resolution CIS. Authentication of the notes.

• Magnetic sensor : Analysis of strong magnetic pattern (MG) and weak magnetic pattern (MG) of

banknote and metal thread detection.   

• Sr.No.Capture : Capable to capture note serial no. can be printed and stored in memory card.

• RGB and UV sensors: Checking of the washed banknotes .

• Mechanical system of thickness checking: The most precise analysis of the quality of the banknotes (tear, adhesive, tape, detection of doubles).

User Interface

• Tactile screen: Large size colour touch screen with a resolution of 640×240 pixels.

• User’ s information :  Very  explicit  drawings,

completely configurable menu for the user, sub-menus and rapid functions.

• Communications: RS232 (printer, connection to a computer) Protocol PC, USB2.0, Ethemet/Lan/s.

• Storage: SD card


    Process  speed :  1000 / 800 ban k notes. NPM)/mi n: Authenticating, valuing, denomination and fitness quality sorting Capacity feeder: Up to 1000 banknotes Number of Stackers: 3output pocket+ 1 reject Capacity of the stackers: 3×100 banknotes extendable up to 200 banknotes by software.

    Reject pocket up to 100 Notes                                  Capacity feeder: 650×420×450(HDL)mm                                 Weight: 58kgsCurrency                                                 Currency type : USD,  EUR, GBP, CNY,

    J P Y ( J a p a n ) ,   K R W ( K O R E A ) ,

    UB(RUSSIA},  INR(India},IDR(Indonesia)




  • Process speed
  • Capacity feeder
  • Number of Stackers
  • Capacity of the stackers
  • Capacity feeder
  • Weight
  • Currency type
  • 1000 / 800 banknotes
  • Up to 1000 banknotes
  • 3output pocket+ 1 reject Capacity of the stackers
  • 3×100 banknotes extendable up to 200 banknotes by software.
  • 650×420×450(HDL)mm
  • 58kgs Currency
  • USD, EUR, GBP, CNY, J P Y ( J a p a n ) , K R W ( K O R E A ) , UB(RUSSIA}, INR(India},IDR(Indonesia)) TWD(Taiwan)etc.

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  • BS-631 Catalogue

    Compatible with:BS-631

    Version number:1.0(26-01-2018)

    File size:5MB

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Money Detector

Currency Bander

Banknote Counter