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(1) The whole configuration and function: equipped with 1 presorting test platform, the printer automatically wrapped packet, shrink Platform, airborne database, total control management platform and other components, to achieve

Automatic measurement, the pre wrap, printing, sealing, transport and sealing, heat shrinkable etc.


Scope of application: applicable to all kinds of 0.1-100 yuan notes, not damage notes.

Auxiliary equipment: suitable for various brands of medium and small scale.

Supporting supplies: PE pre wrapped film, POF heat shrinkable film and print ribbon.

Supporting software: single chip computer control system, PC machine head packet management operating system.

(2) The use of floor space

Small size, long 1320mm, wide 750mm, high 1200mm, covers an area of about 1 square meters. According to the actual characteristics of the site, reasonable arrangement.

(3) Daily handling capacity

Working speed: 200 bags / hour. In 6 working hours, average daily processing volume can achieve 1 million 200 thousand notes.

(4) Processing mode

Note the clear extension clearing, the whole point, divided into four categories: ATM notes, notes in circulation, damaged note and suspicious currency, can be used plastic film heat shrinkable packet.

(5) The way to achieve the number of crown word

Banknote sorter should link with the airborne real-time database, upload the crown word number information. Total control system operation platform of crown size integration, arrangement can be divided into four categories: ATM notes, notes in circulation, mutilated banknote, suspicious currency, to each, each and every packet array form the database. Can be output, upload.

(6) Banding pattern

The solution for the cash, can also configure the bundling machine, with double cross strapping plastic. The bundling machine is only processed by one person.

(7) Plastic model

The whole point of clearing the ATM note for POF heat shrinkable film packet, can also use the solution of the people's bank notes with the same packet mode. The whole station is processed by one person only, without mixing and mixing.

(8) Information management

Equipment airborne database system, can achieve intelligent cash flow management, serial number management functions. And can be real-time or segmented output operation information, paper money crown font information, etc... The upper computer of the whole system (upper computer) and the lower computer (single chip microcomputer control system) to realize the real-time communication. Of the total business volume, and teller coupons do not means such as statistics, query. System for automatically generating cash flow, serial number account books and statements, and (including: daily report, monthly report and annual statements, interval statements, etc.).

(9) Label management

The label printing is correct and clear, and the content is consistent with the money,

The contents include: unit name, certificate, amount, quality, and package

Time, bar code, machine number, seal, count and so on, and people

Two standards of the people's Bank issued consistent. Accurate label location.

(10) Adaptability and stability

Adaptation to the environment: temperature: -10 degrees to 40.

Relative humidity: 40%RH ~ 95%RH.

Adaptive power supply: the use of "AC220V (10% + 1), 50Hz (1 + 5%)" working power supply.

The safety indexes such as electrical strength, leakage current, insulation resistance and grounding resistance shall comply with the relevant standards of the state.

Working hours: good durability. The machine can operate continuously for 24 hours without interruption.

Time greater than 1200 hours.

Product life cycle: the normal service life of the machine is more than 10 years.

(11) Safety performance

The machine is equipped with infrared safety protection device, which ensures the safety of the operator.

The machine has the function of automatically detecting the state and the fault of the equipment, and the total control operation platform displays the status in real time.

The machine with a "high note" and "attention volume hand", and supplies the installation diagram and logo.

(12) Material specifications

70mm wide PE pre wrapped film, 330mm wide, 55mm wide POF heat shrinkable film print ribbon, market generic type.

(13) Environmental protection performance

Equipped with dust removal device, the operation can be done with low noise, no smoke, no gas pollution, environmental protection requirements, and the operation process of the human body without harm.

All use precision mechanical transmission, no conventional gas source, pneumatic noise, working noise less than 75 db.

(14) Technical parameter table


    Operating speed  200 bags / hour Packing range 0.1-100RMB

    Device power maximum 4KW net weight 300Kg

    Size 1320×750×1200mm(L×W×H)

    Consumptive material         PE pre coated film, width 70mm, thickness 0.05mm

    POF heat shrinkable film, width 330mm, thickness 0.025-0.04mm

    Print ribbon width, 55mm



  • Min banding size
  • Max banding size
  • Speed
  • Warm up time
  • Strapping tension
  • Net weight
  • Dimension
  • Power supply
  • Tape width
  • Tap feeding method
  • 200 bags / hour Packing range 0.1-100RMB
  • 300Kg
  • 1320×750×1200mm(L×W×H)
  • 4KW
  • 55mm

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  • PS-300C Catalogue

    Compatible with:PS-300C

    Version number:1.0(28-02-2018)

    File size:7MB

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