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1. Applicable Scope

This binder, catering to the specification requirement of 6-16mm, is applicable to the intact and scathing paper currencies of RMB with face value from 10 cents to 100 RMB..

2. Binding Speed

Lower than 15 seconds for one bundle, and specifically, press “Start” button only once to finish all the procedures, including closing the door, pressing, binding, and opening the door within 15 seconds.

3. Binding Height

As the openness of the cash feeding section is smaller than225mm, thus the binder can be used in the binding of various old and scathing paper currencies

4. Binding Quality

This binder may realize double-cross plain and five-point sealing. The cohered section of the strapping tapes is equal to or higher than 80%. The binding is clearly-cut (the vertical and horizontal tapes cross in a square and the vertical tape is in the middle) and firm (the bundle will not disintegrate after a 5-meter falling down). Besides, the tension of the binding tape is larger than 200 N, leaving no space even for one finger. In conclusion, this binder satisfies Five-good standards of the People’s Bank of China.

5. Safety Performance

The binder is designed a safety gate and photoelectric safety detection device. If you insert your hands into the cash feeding section, the binder will release the pressing plate, stop and send off an alarm. Besides, it can detect failure automatically with the failures displayed on the liquid screen in Chinese.

The binder will stop automatically in case of no operation for 30 minutes, ensuring security and saving energy.

6. Environmental Protection

The binder produces noise lower than 65 db, is dust-free, electromagnetic radiation free and gas pollution free, and harmless to human being.

7.  Cosmetic

Fine in techniques, beauty in appearance, normal in internal structure


     Power supply: AC  220(1±10%)V   50Hz
     Power: average: 150W, largest: 300W
     Binding range: Minimum binding range (L×W×H) 110×52×80mm
                   Maximum binding range (L×W×H) 180×80×180mm
     Binding tape specification: (W×T) 12×0.5mm,14×0.5mm,16×0.25mm, 6×0.7mm

     Binding speed: lower than 15 seconds for each bundle
     Pressing strength: 4000~10000N
     Terminal force at break: no lower than 90% of the previous force at break
     Tight strength of tape: >200N
     Noise: ≤65dB(A)
     Dimensions: (L×W×H) (mm) 490×570×1230
     Net Weight: 118Kg



  • Min banding size
  • Max banding size
  • Speed
  • Warm up time
  • Strapping tension
  • Net weight
  • Dimension
  • Power supply
  • Tape width
  • Tap feeding method
  • 110×52×80mm
  • 180×80×180mm
  • lower than 15 seconds for each bundle
  • 118Kg
  • 490×570×1230
  • AC 220(1±10%)V 50Hz
  • (W×T) 12×0.5mm,14×0.5mm,16×0.25mm, 6×0.7mm

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