Banknote bander JB-410

Item No.: JB-410
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Applicable Scope:This machine, catering to the specification requirement
of 6-16mm, is applicable to the intact and scathing cash currencies of RMB
with face value from 1 cent to 100 RMB.
Strapping Speed:Lower than 35 seconds for one bundle. Press "Start"
button once,manual steering twice,pressing three times,and all the strapping
actions will be completed in 35seconds.
Strapping Height:As the openness of the cash feeding section is smaller
than 200mm, thus the machine can be used in the strapping of various old
and scathing cash currencies.
Strapping Quality :This machine may realize double-cross plain and
five-point sealing. The cohered section of the strapping tapes is equal to
or higher than 80%.The binder is firm and intact, and fully catering to the
requirement of "Five-good standards" as specified by the People's Bank of China.
Safety Performance:The machine is designed a safety detection device.
If you insert your hands into the cash feeding section, the machine will
release the pressing plate, stop and send off an alarm. Besides, it can detect
failure automatically with the failures displayed on the liquid screen in Chinese.
Environmental Protection:The machine produces noise lower than 65 db,
is dust-free, electromagnetic radiation free and gas pollution free, and
harmless to human being.
Cosmetic :Innovative in structure, simple and practicable,beauty in
appearance. It can be arranged freely with the model of desktop or upright
according to your actual needs.

Power supply: AC 220(1±10%)V  50Hz
Power dissipation: average: 150W, maximum: 375W
Strapping range: Minimum strapping range (L×W×H) 110×52×80mm
                            Maximum strapping range (L×W×H) 180×80×170mm
Tape specification: (W×T) 12×0.5mm,14×0.5mm,16×0.25mm, 6×0.7mm
 Strapping speed: lower than 35 seconds for each bundle
Pressing strength: >6000N
 Strapping strength: >200N
Dimensions: (L×W×H) 480×340×545 mm
 Weight: 55kg
Features Full automatic and quick binding
Microcomputer control and easy operation
Hot-press binding makes it artistic and firm
The position of binding paper tape is adjustable
Sticking time adjusting function
Tape-length adjusting function
Anyone can be a beautiful band,simple and indeed. Feeding method,the tail way.You can set the brand standby time, production capacity increases.(Goods GULD location frame as standard equipment)
The paper tape,plastic film strap as long as 1 ok. Since the company's unique body,tape,plastic film strap any kind of strap as long as 1 will be payble.
The standby time "0". Power supply everything into can immediately start,so the work effciency increases.
With the most appropriate force, firmly band. Tightening force, strong or weak, with the end of this, can be step less adjustment.
Even if not careful empty band (no matter band) and ok .The operator even because of careless nothing band, also won't tape on the pressure plate
Specifications Use tape 12×0.5mm,14×0.5mm,16×0.25mm, 6×0.7mm
Binding speed <35second/bundle
Power Supply(V) AC220(1±10%)V/50Hz
Power Consumption(W) max 375W,standby 150W
Dimensions(cm) 48×34×54.5
Net Weight (kg) 55
Carton Packing Details Dimensions (cm) 56×44×67
Volume (m³) 0.165
Gross Weight (kg) 70
Gross Weight by Dimensions (kg) 33
Net Weight (kg) 55
Quantity(pcs ) 1